Performance - There are over ten thousand city government employees. There are also several contractors and consultants. Many do fine work and perform extremely well. But there are opportunities to improve. Ryback has witnessed and documented many examples of waste,  poor performance, and unnecessary spending. Taxpayers deserve better value for their tax dollars. 
Kelly Ryback CAN IMPROVE 311 !!!
Ryback led and serviced corporate call centres for twenty years. He played an integral role in transforming call centre departments through process improvements, active supervision, performance management, and software upgrades. This led to improved  service rep performance, faster and smoother call processing, and increased customer satisfaction. He was also able to improve employee working conditions and employee satisfaction.
He delivered efficiencies, improved performance, and increased customer satisfaction in his corporate career. Ryback brings these skills to Council and will strive to improve the workplace culture and service delivery while holding leadership accountable.

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