Parks - The main parks are the gems in the city. An issue is the community parks and community centres throughout the city. Many either lack amenities or require necessary repairs and upkeep. Too many parks and greens spaces are being underutilized by area residents. Ryback wants to partner with the community centres to enhance their programming and facilities. 
The community centres need to be the hub of the community. The centres and parks require additional features and improvements for more opportunities for activities and greater use. 
Ryback was a strong voice and active in saving John Blumberg Golf Course from being sold to a developer but there's more work to be done at John Blumberg and the other city-owned courses. They need to have more features and to be enjoyed throughout the year by the public, with many available at no charge.

Ryback will advocate for and support more tree-planting in the parks, golf courses, and open spaces to help combat climate change. There is an opportunity to plant trees to act as shelter belts to reduce drifting snow on roads and sidewalks.

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