Ryback grew up in St. James and lived in the area most of his life, choosing to become active in city politics and council over the past 18 months.  He has written many letters and made numerous presentations before city council and committee, being successful in influencing policy changes and getting other issues addressed, including his personal war on potholes.  One of his keynote achievements, following three times presenting before committees, was to successfully save John Blumberg Golf Course.  Through the scope of these activities he has established a positive rapport with many councillors and has become familiar with city council processes.
Ryback was a corporate call centre manager. He knows how to improve 311 service. HE'S DONE IT !
Anecdotally, many people are critical of how the city administration and departments operate. That there is waste and inefficiencies. Ryback has observed and documented many instances of waste, red tape, poor performance and results. He has also seen examples of good employee efforts and results BUT there are many opportunities for improvement. Ryback knows how to improve performance. He will work to provide a greater return for your tax dollars by getting more done better with existing resources and funding. 
It's a tough road ahead but Ryback aims to smooth the path.

 With your support, I can deliver solutions for St. James and Winnipeg.

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