Ryback grew up in St. James and lived in the area most of his life, choosing to become active in city politics and council over the past 18 months.  From an employment standpoint, Kelly had a successful corporate and community service career with leading organizations, where he was called upon to solve problems and provide solutions with an eye toward improving service, adding value and growing markets.  Mixed within that busy period of his life of building his career and raising a family, was 16 years as the personality inside the costume named “BUZZ” of Blue Bomber folklore.  During that time, he fully experienced the importance of community engagement.
Whenever there was any fundraising or community event, 'BUZZ' was called upon to provide entertainment, promotion, and increased awareness. Ryback attended hundreds of events over his mascot career. He is a prolific blood donor and has supported numerous charities including the Christmas Cheer Board and the United Way.
Ryback was extremely active in his children's activities. He supported his daughter in her dance development, even providing music selection and some choreography for competitions. And he appeared as a dancing dad at recital. Ryback coached his son in St. James hockey and Shamrock Lacrosse. He was a coach on the 2003-2004 City Championship 8A1 Bourkevale Bruins hockey team. He led Shamrock lacrosse teams to the finals in each year he coached. 
In 2003, Ryback approached the St. James-Assiniboia Minor Hockey Association with a plan to introduce a conduct and leadership program fashioned after Bobby Orr's Chevrolet Safe and Fun Hockey program. The association accepted his proposal and Ryback served as chair of the Conduct and Leadership program for five years. He led its development and implementation. He also spearheaded the association's first website. He introduced the inaugural checking clinic for coaches and players entering their first year with checking in the game. He enlisted a highly respected former NHL player and instructor to deliver this program. Ryback also delivered a new 'Coach the Coach' Goaltending Development program with a NHL/AHL goalie coach (and former NHL player). Ryback also planned and instructed at the holiday season power skating sessions for nine year olds for many years.
And for many years, Ryback was the 'Santa Helper' at Breezy Bend Country Club's Christmas family brunches.
He continues to work for charities, events, and those in need. In the past year he has walked dogs for the disabled, co-chaired a humanitarian fund-raiser, raised funds for graduation awards, lobbied to save green space, and cleared snow and cut grass for neighbours and seniors.​​​​​​​

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