As the personality inside the costume we all knew and loved as BUZZ, Kelly Ryback was as much a part of the Winnipeg community as any one person. From Bomber games to community events to fairs, festivals and parades...the biggest cheers were always saved for that zany bird. Closeness of community is of great importance to Kelly to do this day. And it's a key pillar of his vision for St. James
Back in the spring of 1984, the Bombers were about to introduce their new mascots and began a talent search. ryback was soon to graduate from RRcc and decided to apply to be the personality inside a new mascot. he won the job and a new era was 'hatched'.
as much as it was fun, the role required a lot of work and responsibility. over sixteen seasons Ryback provided character development, game entertainment, and appeared at hundreds of community, charity, and corporate events.

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