As the personality inside the costume we all knew and loved as BUZZ, Kelly Ryback was as much a part of the Winnipeg community as any one person. From Bomber games to community events to fairs, festivals and parades...the biggest cheers were always saved for that zany bird. Closeness of community is of great importance to Kelly to do this day. And it's a key pillar of his vision for St. James.
The community clubs and area parks were the hubs of the neighbourhoods in St. James when Ryback was growing up. That's not the case as much anymore. 

Ryback aims to rebuild that sense of community by working to introduce new community programming, new investment in the community clubs and parks. Kids and families need to be active together and there needs to be safe and clean places for that.
 With your support, I can deliver solutions for St. James and Winnipeg.

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