Kelly Ryback retired from a successful corporate career early in 2020. He held leadership positions and business development responsibilities at BellMTS for over eighteen years. He had similar success with Videon CableSystems. Ryback played an integral role in new service launches along with order fulfillment and customer service improvements. Ryback led call centre departments through transformations that achieved significant customer service improvements. He knows how to improve 311 service because he's done it!
He also held a position on corporate Emergency Management Teams which included disaster and pandemic planning.
Another career highlight was Ryback's two years working on the 1999 Pan Am Games. He raised over $2 million in Sponsorship and had prime responsibility for asset liquidation following the Games. 
Earlier in his career he was a computer analyst/programmer after graduating from Red River Community College in 1984. He then delivered IT solutions to government departments, corporations, and small-medium businesses throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Overall Ryback achieved sales, new market development, and revenue servicing in the multi-millions $$$ in his career.  He has successfully lead over 100 staff and managed multi-milion dollar operating budgets.

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