IT DOES TAKE MONEY TO RUN A SUCCESSFUL ELECTION CAMPAIGN. The good news is the city has a generous rebate program for any personal donations.  Rebate cheques are sent out after the election and financial audits are completed.
Donate      Rebate back 
  $50.00            $37.50 
$100.00            $75.00 
$200.00          $150.00 
$300.00          $225.00 
$500.00          $325.00 
$750.00          $450.00  (maximum donation amount)     
Only Manitoba residents can make donations. The Ryback 4 St. James team appreciates your financial support. Only personal donations are allowed (no businesses or associations). You can make your personal cheque out to:
 Once it is ready, text 204-794-8366 for a pickup.
You can also e-transfer your donation using the recipient email address
 (please include your mailing address in a message or separate email to
Let's get better, together!

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